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Individual Consultant to Design Graphic Illustrations for Start and Improve Your Business Training Manuals
International Labour Organization





 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 15 April 2021


Request for Quotation

Individual Consultant to Design Graphic Illustrations for Start and Improve Your Business Training Manuals


Start date: 18.04.2021

End date: 18.07.2021



As part of the Partnership for Improving Prospects for Forcibly Displaced Persons and Host Communities (PROSPECTS), the ILO is undertaking an adaptation of its Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) learning tool so-as-to be able to better contextualize the lived experience of the forcibly displaced and rural host communities in East Darfur and West Kordofan, Sudan. It is also developing implementation modalities that will facilitate learning-by-doing in the markets of the targeted communities. In Sudan, the Partnership is a unique multi-year program, funded by the Government of the Netherlands, that brings together four agencies (ILO, IFC, UNICEF, and UNHCR) to devise collaborative and innovative approaches for inclusive job creation and education in contexts characterized by forced displacement. The program encompasses three pillars, namely

  • Education and Learning;
  • Employment and Dignity; and
  • Protection and Inclusion.

To promote entrepreneurship in the targeted states, the ILO is using its flagship business management training program SIYB. This approach has trained more than 15 million potential entrepreneurs and led to the creation of nearly 9 million jobs worldwide. SIYB includes the following four training manuals: (i)Generate Your Business Idea, (ii) Start Your Business, (iii) Improve Your Business and(iv) Expand Your Business. The SIYB course focuses on helping to establish and develop small businesses as a strategy for creating more and better employment for both women and men.

Research estimates show that the training course has led to the start-up of at least 2.65 million new businesses and the expansion of 40 per cent of existing businesses.However, as the needs of the entrepreneurs are dynamic and context dependent, the project will use the SIYB adaptation guide as an additional tool to respond to the learners’ specific needs and context and to support this goal the development of innovative implementation modalities are underway.

The aim of the ILOs efforts to adapt and contextualize the SIYB manuals to the specificities of operating in the country is to help better encourage learners to make the plunge and to create businesses and revenue generating activities. It also attempts to create safe experiences for learners to gain entrepreneurial competencies through learning-by-doing and reflecting on experiences gained from adapting to shocks-prone markets.



The purpose of the assignment is to contract an individual consultant ingraphic design services that can work with the ILO PROSPECTS Team and our SIYB Adaption Consultant (AC) to provide short-term graphic illustration services to prepare designs / visualizations / illustrations for the first three manuals of SIYB(detailed above) as well as the implementation modality booklet. Specifically, the objectives are to:

  • Develop an attractive, clear illustrations / visualization style suitable for conveying information and representing ideas so target groups easily understand them; and
  • Revise and finalize the SIYB materials with the PROSPECTS Project team and SIYB Adaptation Consultant.



  1. Graphically design/draft eight original context-relevant characters that can be used in different scenarios across all chapters of SIYB’s three manuals as well as the implementation modality booklet (character’s description to be shared with selected illustrator);
  2. Development of 400 contextualised illustrations by using the characters developed above instead of the ones already used in the SIYB Arabic generic version (to be shared later). This is expected to be delivered after 3 months from signing the contract. The scope of this graphics design assignment is further detailed below:

No. of illustrations

Generate Your Business idea manual


Start Your Business Manual


Improve Your Business Manual (for all 6 sub-manuals)


Implementation modalities


Total Illustrations Requested



  1. Work in close consultation with the PROSPECTS team and the Adaptation Consultant and be willing to attend MS Teams or Zoom meetings with members abroad as requested;
  2. Provide creative design options and storyboard samples that are context specific and relevant forthe refugees and host communities and ILO targeted locations in East Darfur and West Kordofan states of Sudan;
  3. Submit all editable versions of illustrations and designs in layered Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and PDF documents;
  4. Work from own convenient location and submit deliverables through email or file transfer server sites as requested and on time;
  5. Be willing to modify, edit, or totally change designs including designing from scratch over a number of iterations until the ILO’s PROSPECTS team is satisfied.
  6. Prepare SIYB manuals draft with new illustrations for all chapters and for the implementation modality booklet as per requested (that might include: games, playing cards and other illustrations and diagrams) as required by the PROSPECTS team



  • Creativity: The designer must demonstrate creativity in previous work done with illustrations. All materials must be creatively done with the highest artistic quality. Designer must be willing to change designs based on feedbacks from the PROSPECTS team even if it means more than three and four times. Designer must be capable and experienced in understanding creative concepts when explained either directly or from group discussions brainstorming ideas for design.
  • Comprehension: The materials should be clearly understandable by the target population.
  • Appropriateness: All creative works must be appealing and respectful to the culture of Sudan, gender sensitive, and considerate of targets with different backgrounds in different geographic settings. The materials should be appropriate for each intended audience in implied meanings, tones, format or style. Designs will not be sophisticated, abstract, or hidden nor should they contain any offensive pictures, signs, illustrations.



  • The selected graphicdesigner will work under the overall administration of the PROSPECTS Programme Manager and under the direct supervision of the ILOs PROSPECTS Sudan Enterprise Development Officer as well as in collaboration with the SIYB Adaptation Consultant. This includes regular planning and progress meetings, joint discussions and agreement on designs, characters and submission dates.



  • The interested Graphic Illustrator should submit the following to the ILO: 1)A recent CV that includes the date of birth and details the background, experience and the range of services offered by the individual consultant. 2) Samples of their workthat demonstrateshis/her creativity in designing a range of documents for different platforms, for various audiences, including designs for children, women and men of different ages and backgrounds. 3)An action plan that details phases of submitting illustrations and 4) fee per illustration (examples of illustrations that need contextualisation are in Annex 1 below),. All of this to be submitted to the ILO PROSPECTS Sudan National Project Coordinator, Ms.FatimaSirelkhatim at Sirelkhatim@ilo.orgno later than  15 April 2021, 4pm Khartoum time..

IMPORTANT: Please note that you must have a valid Sudanese ID card to engage in this assignment and have the legal/commercial right to work in Sudan.



Technical Proposal

  • Individual consultant should submit a technical proposal which comprises of the company’s company. It should also include a portfolio with links to previous work done. The portfolio should show works that highlight graphics for children, adults of different ages, socio-economic backgrounds, and other relevant features likely visible in PROSPECTS locations.
  • The successful candidate will have a mix of expertise and qualifications in the focus areas related to this assignment. Evaluation of the suitability of the Consultant to work on this assignment will be made against the following technical criteria:

Evaluation Criteria

Maximum mark

  1. Expertise/Qualification

The individual consultant should have at least a certificate in graphic design or a related field. Undergraduate degree in graphic Design or related filed is preferred


At least 5 years demonstrated experience in design and layout of documents


Design for organisations that work in humanitarian or development fields would be an asset


Fluency in Arabic and English is a must


Maximum Points


  1. Proposed approach to deliver the ToR’s scope of work

Samples of work submitted include original, attractive and clear illustrations. The evaluation to assess the range and depth of experience with similar projects as reflected in portfolio with samples of work or links to sample of work


A realistic action/work plan that details the timeline of submitting the illustrations. The evaluation to assess the understanding of scope, objectives and completeness of response.


Maximum Points


Totalfor Both Section A (30 Points) and Section B (70 Points)


Minimum Acceptable Score for the Proposal to be reviewed



Please note

  • A separate financial proposal should be submitted which indicate the daily rate for design services.
  • For proposals deemed technically compliant, the Financial Proposal will be opened and tabulated.
  • The candidate that has the best rate per illustration and best quality of work in terms of samples submitted will be selected.
  • Incomplete submission will not be reviewed.
  • All CVs submitted should include the Date of Birth and Nationality of the Consultant;
  • Consultant should quote in USD prices and/or using prices calculated using the Official UN Exchange Rates for the country;
  • Consultants should indicate a proposed Start and End Date for completion of the Deliverables requested by the ILO;
  • Candidates should be prepared to submit a copy of their national Passport upon Notification of Award;
  • Professional Fees should include all costs associated with the Activity Deliverable;
  • Consultants are not to add the VAT to their financial offer unless they are a VAT Registered Individual with the Sudanese VAT Authority;
  • Consultants should be aware that all intellectual property rights arising from the contract are vested with the ILO however authorship will be acknowledged by the Organization; and
  • Consultants will bear all charges levied by their own bank in receiving of managing funds transferred by ILO.

Interested Consultants are requested to submit all four components (CV, Samples, Action Plan, and Financial Offer) of the submission requested in the SUBMISSION section above including the Financial Offer by email to ILOs PROSPECTS Sudan Project Coordinator, Ms.FatimaSirelkhatim ( COB, Sunday 04 April 2021.



1st Payment will be 20% of the total budget after the final submission of all Generate Your Business Ideas illustrations (manual 1) are submitted and approved.

2nd Payment will be 20% of the total budget and will be disbursed on satisfactory completion and ILO’s acceptance of Start Your Business illustrations (manual 2);

3rd Paymentwill be 20% of the budget which is to be disbursed upon satisfactory completion and ILO’s acceptance ofillustrations for 3 sub-manuals of Implement Your Business manual; and

4th Paymentof 40% is to be disbursed upon the satisfactory submission and ILO’s acceptance of the remainder of the scope detailed in Key Deliverable section above (remainder 3 sub-manuals of Improve Your Business and the Implementation Modalities Booklet).


Annex 1

Sample of illustrations that need to be contextualised (from current Arabic version of SIYB manuals).





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