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Vehicle Rentals Tender
Concern Worldwide
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 14 April 2021

Tender Reference: CWW/KHT/FWA01/2021/03 VEHREN


Concern Worldwide, intends to establish a Framework Agreement Contract for a period of 12 months for the provision of Vehicle Rentals for the following vehicle types. 


Type/Model of Vehicle


Saloon Vehicles

Suitable for Driving in the Towns in the various locations

4 x 4 Passenger Vehicle (8 – 13 passengers)

Must be able to carry 8 – 13 passengers.  Examples of the type of vehicle would be Landcruiser GRX, or Landcruiser Hardtop

4 x 4 5 Door Passenger Vehicle (6 – 8 passengers)

Must be able to carry a minimum of 6 passengers and have 5 doors

4 x 4 Single Cab Pick Up 

Must be able to carry 1 MT (Hilux, Landcruiser etc)

4 x 4 Double Cab Pick Up

Must be able to carry 1 MT (Hilux, Landcruiser etc)


Carry up to 15 passengers


Carrying up to 25 passengers

Truck 2- 3 MT

Must be able to carry this weight and travel anywhere in Sudan

Truck 3 – 7 MT

Must be able to carry this weight and travel anywhere in Sudan

Vehicles must meet the following minimum criteria

  • Must include Driver and any other costs such as maintenance and insurance.  Fuel is provided for trips undertaken on Concern missions.
  • Vehicles must be 2015 or later.
  • Preference will be for Toyota vehicles; however, other vehicles brands available, which match the Model and requirements and are in good mechanical order, will be considered.


The tender is split into the following Lots Based on Geographical Location and interested parties may bid for one or multiple bids. 


Lot No


Location of Concern Office


Kordofan (West & South)

Muglad, El Fula, Kaduguli, Abassiya





Darfur (West)

El Geneina


Khartoum City

Khartoum 2


The programme activities are carried out in these areas with financial assistance from multiple donors including Irish Aid, EU, ECHO, UKAID, SHF, UN Agencies, US Government and may include future funding from other donors.  The tender dossier is available from all Concern offices in each location mentioned above or email    The tender pack will also be available on  The deadline for submission of tenders is 1500 (GMT +2) 14th April 2021


(Concern retains the right to accept or reject any offer/proposal prior to the award of contract and to annul the bidding process and reject all offers at any time.)


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