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Provision of Offshore Marine Support Services OMSS for Bashayer I and II
Bashayer Pipeline Commpany




Bashayer Pipeline Company (BAPCO) is an international business company, incorporated in Dubai as a Free Zone company on the 1st of February 2018 under the law No. 25 of 2009 issued by the Ruler of Dubai. The Shareholders of BAPCO are the Sudanese Petroleum Corporation which holds 90% of the shares and Sudapet Company which holds 10% of the shares. On the 1st of April 2018 BAPCO took over from Petrodar Operating Company the operatorship of the Central Processing Facility at Al Jabalain, the Pipeline from Al Jabalain to Port Sudan and the Marine Terminal at Port Sudan.





 Bid No: BAPCO/PETCO/21-284
 City: Khartoum
 Deadline: 08 April 2021

Bashayer Pipeline Company (BAPCO) and PETROLINES FOR CRUDE OIL (PETCO) invite specialized and interested marine offshore companies to participate in public competitive bidding for the Provision of Offshore Marine Support Services (OMSS) in Bashayer I and Bashayer II terminals.


Scope of Work Briefing:

The selected contractor shall provide offshore support services to both of BAPCO and PETCO marine terminals, and provide sufficient number of permanent staff with proper equipments, vessels and facilities to enable the ongoing discharge of exported crude oil through the Single Point Moorings (SPMs). The selected contractor shall prevent and minimize delays in tankers handling, and operate the two Single Point moorings (SPMs) in a safe and proper manner and shall maintain the facility and operation in high standard conditions of the both offshore Marine Terminals.


ITB Documents including detailed scope of work:

  • Find the bid documents below.



  • Due to the urgency of the project, BAPCO accept to receive the Technical Proposal through email.

 E-mail address:  -

  • Bidders are requested to send the Original Technical and Original Commercial properly wrapped, separately, sealed and labeled by hand or courier as follows:


Tender No: BAPCO/PETCO/21-284 for Provision of Offshore Marine Support Services OMSS for Bashayer I and II

Bashayer Pipeline Company (BAPCO)

Almugran District – Petrodar Tower

P.O. Box 11778, Khartoum, Sudan.

First floor Secretary, Tender Committee


Tender Document shall be submitted not later than 13:00 (Sudan Local Time) 15th, March 2021 (Bid Closing Date).  Late bids will be rejected. Bid Proposal shall be valid for 120 days.

Note: commercial offer shall not be sent via email.


For clarifications or any information please contact:


Tel: 00249187008161


Tel: 00249187008163


Tel: 00249187008197



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