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Architectural and Engineering services
 Bid No: 83373023
 City: El Fasher and El Geneina, Darfur
 Deadline: 28 Feb 2021



Architectural and Engineering services


The Deutsche Gesellschaft fürInternationaleZusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is currently implementing its program“Employment Promotion Darfur for Refugees, IDPs and Host Communities / YES – Youth, Employment, Skills”.As part of this program,two new Vocational Training Centers (VTC), will be constructed. GIZ intends to award a contract for architectural and engineering services inSudan. The scope of work includes:


  1. All services as General Planner. General Planning is understood as the overall performance, coordination, and responsibility for all planning and engineering services required to construct the two VTC.
  2. Design of two “Vocational Training Centers” at two locations,El Fasher and El Geneina, in Darfur. Ateach VTC approx. 600 trainees will be trained in six different trades by trainers. Beside them, also administrative and support staff will work in the VTC. Both VTC will consist of a composition of several buildings containing offices for administration staff and trainers, classrooms, workshops, ancillary and support rooms, storages, cafeteria, exterior zones and others.
    1. Both VTC shall be designed in a modern style considering stakeholder demands and feedbacks.Local design elements as well as the application of locally produced (construction) materials shall be considered, if economically reasonable and appropriate quality. Developing innovative and high-quality concepts for the application of locally produced materials is the key factor for the success of the construction project.
    2. The design shall follow the principles of sustainability and climate adapted design, (such as natural ventilation, shading, passive cooling and others) reducing power consumption during the operating phase of the VTC.
  3. Preliminary design of the VTC and preparing associated documents.
  4. Obtaining of building permission and other permits required for the execution of the construction works
  5. Preparing the final design plans for construction (architectural design, structural planning and calculation, mechanical, electrical, sanitary and other installations) and documentation
  6. Supporting of the tendering process, if instructed to do so by the employer
  7. In case of execution of the construction works: GIZ has the option to commission the successful bidder with the task of site supervision


The tender procedure,from invitation to tender until signing of contract,is expected to take place between March and April 2021.The Architectural and Engineering Servicesis expected to be performed and completed approximately within 9 months after signing of contracts.


To qualify for consideration in the tender procedure, interested companies are required to submit the following information and documents for eligibility assessment.


  1. Official letter expressing interest in the tender.
  2. Company details including full company name, full address, phone and email.
  3. Copy of company registration certificate.
  4. Copy of valid architectural and engineering license for Sudan required to perform the proposed work (Certificate from “House of Expertise Organizing Council for Sudanese Consulting Services).
  5. VAT Registration Certificate
  6. Tax certificate from the tax chamber (Evidence that the bidder has paid its taxes)tax year 2019.
  7. Company profile including number of employees (permanent / temporary, in total) and number of professional staff qualified to perform the works, eachfor the last three (3) years, and short CVs for the key staff. Key staff must be proficient userof English Language (Speaking, Understanding, Writing) according to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Required permanent key staff for the project:
    1. 1 Project Manager (MBA, certified PMI PMPor similar), (15+ years professional experience)
    2. 2 Senior Architects, (1x15+ and 1x12+ years professional experience)
    3. 2 Senior MEP Engineers, (10+ years professional experience)
    4. 2 Resident Engineers for Site Supervision. (12 years+ professional experiences in their field)
  8. Minimum of three, maximum of five references of work of similar nature as specified above with details of scope of work done, stating description of materials, approach, design for each reference including pictures, names of clients, address, contact person and phone number. (performed within the last five (5) years). The expertise in a similar field stated above is required. GIZ can require interviews to verify the similarity of reference projects. State the value of similar works of similar natures as specified above (for each of the last five (5) years). No technical drawings are required at this stage and each reference should not be more than 4pages.


  1. Provide evidence of annual company total turnover for each of the last three (3) years (2018, 2019 and 2020). A minimum turnover of 450,000.00 Euro (equivalent of 544,095.00 USD or 30,172,005.00 SDG) per yearis required.Acceptable evidence are bank statements.


  1. GIZ will require to visit your office for interviews to verify evidence of ownership of equipment and machinery necessary to execute the works or evidence of possibility to hire the same, such as IT equipment, proper office equipment (working desk, chairs, stationary), printer, plotter, meeting tables, software with a proper and valid license (international CAD standard software (Autodesk AutoCAD or similar), MS Office, for Site Supervision (Laptop, Software, tools for conducting measuring on the construction sites, survey instruments (optional), tools for documentation (site journal, camera, mobile phone) and so on.


A consortium of two companies might be accepted as eligible if each company fulfill the requirements, except the points 7, 8, 9, and 10. Points 7 and 8must be fulfilled jointly. The points 9 and 10 must be fulfilled by the senior partner of the consortium. The senior partner will be GIZ contract partner and therefore responsible to fulfill all contractual obligations and responsibilities against GIZ. If a consortium applies, a consortiummemorandum notarized by the Registrar of Companies combined with the newest Form of C7 must be submitted clearly describing the roles, obligations, and responsibilities of each partner.


The contract for proposed service will be issued in United States Dollars (USD) hence payments will be via bank transfer or cheque to successful company’s nominated accounts held in company’sname account details in any bank. There will be no payments or transfer to third-party/related company hence it is your company responsibility that you have all required foreign currency bank information in line with financial regulation in the country. There will be no payments in cash.


The information and documents specified above shall be submitted to GIZ on or before28.02.2021by 16.00at the latestin hardcopies in a sealed envelopeto

GIZ Country Office Amarat Street 3, House No. 28, Block No. 10A Amarat Town, Khartoum East




Theback of the sealed envelope must be clearly marked as follows:

“83373023-Expression of Interest for Architectural and Engineering Services at El Fasher and El Geneina, Darfur”


All documents must be submitted in English language.For official document in Arabic Language, translated copies must be submitted duly signed by Director or Legal representative of the company.


Please do not send technical or price offers, or other documents which are not requested. Kindly note that the complete tender documents will be sent to all companies that will be assessed as eligible by GIZ according to the criteria as specified above.

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